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  • Can Customers have daily swaps if needed?
    No. When RaeKar acquires a new contract, we establish routes with specific days for pick-up.
  • What are the qualifications or requirements for RaeKar's trash services?
    Residential Trash Services: We service several cities through municipal contracts. We currently provide service to: Bradford, Clifton, Collinwood, Gleason, Greenfield, Kenton, Martin, and Waynesboro. If you live outside city limits in the counties of Gibson or Obion we are able to serve you. Please call us at 931-722-6186 for more information about service options. Dumpster and Roll Off Rentals: You do not have to live in one of the cities mentioned above to rent our dumpsters or roll-offs. Give us a call for more information about sizes, prices, etc.
  • Will RaeKar pickup overflowing trash?
    All trash is supposed to be in the carts or dumpsters provided. The lids must be closed as well.
  • Does RaeKar have recycling options?
    We are not able to offer recycling services in most places. Commercial customers in Martin, Tennessee, do have a recycling option. Please call us at 931-722-6186 for more information about this.
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