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Residential Terms of Service 

Dear Customer, 

Thank you for joining the RaeKar family of customers! Please read the following guidelines for the use of our residential waste collection service. By accepting our service, you agree to abide by these terms and conditions. Should you have any questions, please feel free to call us Monday-Friday 8am until 4:30 pm. 

Roadside Service: 

1. 95-gallon cart with 1 lift per week or 2–95-gallon cart with 1 lift per week. 

2. Your service is on a month-to-month basis, any changes or cancellation of service must be made at the beginning of the month. Service provider must be notified in writing or by phone if resident wishes to cancel. Failure to do so will result in continued accrual of monthly charges that will be the responsibility of the resident. If service is cancelled during a month in which payment has already been made, no refunds or credits will be provided. 

3. No extra carts, cans or receptacles will be dumped. All garbage must be bagged and fit into the provided 96 gallon rolling cart. Garbage that is loose or has fallen out of receptacle due to weather, animals, or other reasons is not the responsibility of the service provider. 

4. Material for collection must be placed roadside on solid, level ground by 6:00 AM on your scheduled pick-up day. Time of service may change due to conditions beyond our control (weather, equipment, staffing) and we may be servicing your home earlier or later than you have been accustomed. Unfortunately, we cannot return to your home if waste is placed out for pickup after we have left the area. Containers shall have no overhead obstructions and shall be accessible from the front and clear of any objects such as vehicles, bicycles, mailboxes, etc. within a 5-foot radius. 

5. Service Provider will use photo documentation and/or GPS tracking to determine if cart was not placed at road at time of pick-up. 

6. This service is for residential waste collection only, no construction debris, automotive parts, liquids, medical waste, dirt, animal waste, appliances, electronic waste, yard waste or other hazardous materials may be set out for collection. Material which exceeds the weight limit of the container or lift mechanism will not be collected. All material must be broken down and placed in the cart for collection. We may refuse to collect any material we determine is a danger to our employees, our equipment, or the public. 

7. Service will be suspended when account becomes 1 month in default of payment. 

8. The 95-gallon cart is the property of the service provider and must always remain at the residence in which service is being provided. You are responsible for the care and safekeeping of the equipment we have provided for the collection of your waste. Any damages or loss beyond normal wear and tear is your responsibility. 

9. Per RaeKar’s franchise agreement, rates will increase 3% at the beginning of each contracted year. 

10. Service provider has the right to amend terms of service at any time. 

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