6 yd. Bin Rentals

RaeKar's 6 yard dumpster is an excellent option for commercial buildings such as warehouses, restaurants, and  other businesses with large amounts of waste. 

Is the 4 yard bin for you?

- Dimensions: 5ft x 6ft x 6 ft

- Capacity: Holds about 45 trash bags

- Weight Limit: About 1,200 lbs of material


6 yard bins are great for businesses disposing of bulkier items like cardboard boxes. This dumpster will make it easier on your company to keep from overflowing bins and trash sitting in piles.

Where to place a 6 yard dumpster?

6 yard bins are a bit larger meaning they are usually stored in larger spaces such as, parking lots or open areas. Here are a few examples of where to store your 6 yard bin:

- Accessible for full-size garbage trucks

- Parking areas

- It is not recommended to keep these bins in alleys