8 yd. Bin Rentals

8 yard bins are the largest disposable offered by RaeKar. They are excellent for businesses who have a greater influx of waste.

Is the 8 yard bin for you?

- Dimensions: 6ft x 6ft x 7 ft

- Capacity: Holds about 60 trash bags

- Weight Limit: About 1,600 lbs

8-Cubic-Yard (1).png

8 yard dumpsters are excellent for larger businesses and anywhere that produces large amounts of waste. These bins are also good to hold heavier materials such as, dirt, shingles, asphalt or concrete.

Where to place a 8 yard dumpster?

RaeKar's 8 yard bins are more suited for businesses with a larger amount of employees. These bins are excellent for companies who frequently dispose of larger materials. The 8 yard bin provides ample space to hold larger items without causing worry over an overflowing bin. RaeKar's 8 yard bins are best for businesses like:

- Factories

- Warehouses

- Distribution Centers

- Large Retail Stores

- Wholesalers