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30 yd. Container Rentals

30 yard containers are the largest rental container offered by RaeKar. If your home or business is doing a larger construction or removal project, this container will work well for you.

Is the 30 yard container for you?

- Dimensions: 22 ft x 8ft x 5 ft

- Capacity: Holds about 180 trash bags

- Weight Limit: About 3.5-5 tons (7,000 - 10,000 lbs)

Rolloff Dumpster (2)_edited.jpg

What can a 30 yard container be used for?

RaeKar's 30 yard roll-off containers are best for large renovation projects at home or at your business. The 30 yard container provides enough space to hold larger items without causing worry over an overflowing bin.

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