4 yd. Bin Rentals

4 yard bins are the perfect midpoint size between our smallest and largest bins. They are large enough to hold trash for businesses with increasing trash flow but small enough to store when space is limited around your business or home

Is the 4 yard bin for you?

- Dimensions: 4ft x 6ft x 5 ft

- Capacity: Holds about 30 trash bags

- Weight Limit: About 800 lbs of material

RaeKar's 4 yard bins are great for disposing trash such as, food, paper. plastic, cardboard, aluminum, and light waste.

Mid-size businesses like restaurants greatly benefit from the 4 yard bin.


Where to place a 4 yard dumpster?

4 yard bins are a bit larger meaning they are usually stored in larger spaces such as, parking lots. Here are a few examples of where to store your 4 yard bin:

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- Near your business

- Parking areas

- By your business' loading dock

- Inside a gated area