2 yd. Bin Rentals

2 yard dumpsters are great for small businesses, or properties that are limited by space. These bins are excellent for businesses with lesser trash disposal needs.

Is the 2 yard bin for you?

- Dimensions: 3ft x 6ft x 3 ft

- Capacity: Holds about 15 trash bags

- Weight Limit: About 400 lbs


2 yard dumpsters are excellent for small businesses - businesses that produce low amounts of waste in the form of plastics, cardboard and office paper. Materials that are not bulky fit perfectly in a 2 yard dumpster.

Where to place a 2 yard dumpster?

2 yard dumpsters fit almost anywhere. Once you rent your bin, you will not have to worry too much about where it is placed. It is important to place the dumpster in an area where the RaeKar truck can easily access it. Here are a few examples of places to keep your 2 yard bin:

- Near your business

- In an easily accessible alley

- By your business' loading dock

- Inside a gated area